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Established since 2007 and with more than 20 years of experience in the field of criminal and civil justice, Tetuan Hisham Nazir & Co is the best choice available for your general civil and criminal law issues. .Messrs Hisham Nazir & Co’s legal and industry practice areas provide a seamless integration of global and local capabilities. Hisham Nazir is one of Malaysia’s leading defence lawyers. He has over 20 years’ experience in all areas of defence work. Hisham Nazir’s practice now focuses on complex criminal cases and civil litigation. His areas of expertise include drug trafficking, murder, kidnapping, sexual offences and general litigation.


Organized and operating through a matrix of both substantive law and industry focus, our practice is at cutting-edge responsiveness. As a full service civil and criminal lawyer's firm and with extensive local and overseas exposure, Messrs Hisham Nazir & Co is able to provide creative and pragmatic solutions. The form is founded on the concept of serving our clients' needs with utmost efficiency, competency and integrity; the driving force that underpins the development of every area of our practice. Messrs Hisham Nazir & Co, a criminal and civil litigation lawyer takes a pride in embracing the latest technological aids to assist us in serving our clients.


We aim to understand our clients' business and individual needs and thereafter provide innovative, practical and effective solutions. We believe that the use of technology to collaborate on line and in real-time with our clients is a fundamental strategic initiative for our firm to strive ahead.


Our counsel have held professional, managerial, business development and financial responsibilities in the corporate sector and government bodies. Our lawyers have experienced the demands of commercial world. We understand the needs of corporate leaders and are committed to providing complete legal solutions with real commercial value that best serve your goals and objectives. We work with an integrated network of professional consultants in the corporate finance sector, taxation, accounting, management services and the construction sector to ensure you obtain practical and cost effective solutions.


We ensure that our legal and regulatory framework resources are current with on-line legal database and a library. With combined expertise, knowledge, networks and legal resources, we at Messrs. Hisham Nazir & Co are committed to making your goals a reality. We at Messrs Hisham Nazir & Co, we regard you as our partner and take pride in building mutually beneficial relationships which foster growth and success. We emphasis on delivering the highest quality legal services and strive to present new options and perspectives to your business with minimum complexity and costs.


We have a passion in offering innovative approaches guided by pragmatism. We are a relationship driven firm with total commitment to your success, we see ourselves not only as your lawyers but also your advisers, counselors and friends.

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